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Our Story

Natural Attraction & Increased Opportunity

Based on a proprietary blend of fish pheromones, natural oils, amino acids and salts, Lure Lipstick represents the latest in fish attractant technology.

Pheromones are chemicals secreted by a fish which are capable of influencing the social behavior of other fish. These powerful substances play a role in the communication of fear, food trail and reproductive drive.

The active ingredients in Lure Lipstick dissipate into the water surrounding the lure, creating an an exciting environment for nearby fish. More activity mean more strikes. Who doesn’t love to get hit on?

Compatible with your favorite lure, artificial bait, or live bait, Lure Lipstick will increase your opportunities and up your odds, whether you’re a weekend fisherman or an ultra-competitive pro, Lure Lipstick has something for you.


Easy to use

No Mess, Fast to Apply and Compatible with your Favorite Lure


Love Fishing? Love interacting with others who love fishing?

We have a limited amount of distributor opportunities available for motivated individuals.