Lure Lipstick – Soft Bait Enhancer – Walleye/Saugeye Sauce – 4oz Spray

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New 4oz Spray Bottle – Saugeye Sauce – Tournament Winning Formula – Fish Attractant – Made with shad and emerald shiner oils – Simply add some to your soft bait bags. Allowing the plastics to absorb the oils for a prolonged scent trail with the pheromones in tow. Enhancer leeches on soft baits for an hour or so then simply switch out your plastic body for continued scent trails released by your baits.

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2 reviews for Lure Lipstick – Soft Bait Enhancer – Walleye/Saugeye Sauce – 4oz Spray

  1. Terri Boyd

    Hello my name is Terri , I am a Pro Female Walleye Angler from Ohio , I know just how tough the bite can get at times. I’ve tried many attractants over my career- I have not come across one that actually produces more fish like the Lure Lipstick all natural fish attractant . The soft bait enhancer is easily applied to any of you soft baits pour a small amount into your live shinners spray it directly onto your night crawlers. It’s great for ice fishing as well spray it directly into your ice hole .
    Other Anglers always ask me “How are you catching those Fish”
    It’s in the Sauce
    Gethiton today !

  2. Zach Limage

    I use the soft bait enhancer constantly through the day, especially when fishing tournaments. The soft bait enhancer proves itself during a tough bite when out-fishing other nearby anglers.

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