Meet Our Pro Staff

Dennis Manley

Dennie Manley
Montpelier, Ohio

I started fishing when I was 15 years old, mostly targeting bass from shore. Since that time my passion has been ice fishing. My tournament career started in the last years of the Super Trap Attacks, and then continued with the introduction of the North American Ice Fishing Circuit. My success included qualifying for multiple trips to the circuit’s championship event. I have continued my tournament experience by fishing the Southern Michigan Panfish League. Vertical jigging small tungsten jigs is my favorite method of targeting panfish and have had great success applying the original Lure Lipstick wax product directly to my presentations. To keep fish below my hole, I will “chum” the water with the Soft Bait Enhancer product from Lure Lipstick as well. Two of my favorite lakes to fish are in Michigan, Hamlin Lake up by Ludington, and Lake Saint Helen, near Gaylord. In addition to Lure Lipstick, I have partnered with Clam Outdoors, Vexilar, Inc., Cold Snap Outdoors and Aqua Vu.