Lure Lipstick – Crawfish Jelly – 3oz Squirt Top Bottle

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Made from 100% real Crawfish along with our signature Lure Lipstick formula including amino acids and fish pheromones. This jelly will stick to any lure or live bait making it an enticing target. It works to lure fish in, pushing them to feed and strike your line. Best used on Bass and Walleye. Get yours today and Get Hit On!! 

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3 reviews for Lure Lipstick – Crawfish Jelly – 3oz Squirt Top Bottle

  1. Jay Ball

    If you are a bass fisherman you need to add this product to your arsenal. I have found that adding this product to the brush guards on my football jigs is a gamer changer. I have a quote that I know use. “If, it looks like a crawfish, moves like a crawfish and smells like a crawfish, it must be a crawfish.”

  2. Jay Ball

    Adding this crawfish jelly to my topwater frogs has taken bass fishing to a whole another level. The scent slowly wears off in the water creating a scent trail that bass can key in on and can not resist.

  3. Jay Ball

    I started adding this crawfish jelly to my crawfish pattern square bill crank baits for spring time bass fishing. Just try is and you can thank me later.

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