Lure Lipstick – Salmon and Trout Formula – 2oz. Wax Tube

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New Formula made especially for Salmon and Trout. The all natural lure enhancer is formulated from a special blend of Herring oil and piscine pheromone extracts. Applied directly to the lure every 20 – 25 casts, Lure Lipstick is designed to trigger instinctive responses in fish. Increased activity by a fish creates the potential for more strikes.

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1 review for Lure Lipstick – Salmon and Trout Formula – 2oz. Wax Tube

  1. Jay Ball

    This Herring oil wax tube has been a game changer for me when I am targeting steelhead in the fall and winter. I put this on all of my hard body baits for trolling/back dropping and have noticed a substantial increase in the amount of hits. The natural fear pheromone paired with all natural Herring oil is a combination big steelhead can not resist.

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