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Spring Fishing Products

Spring is almost here and Lure Lipstick is your number one product for fish attractants, infused plastics in all colors, custom jig heads, stinger hooks and the original wax stick as well as the 8oz, & 4oz. liquids. Buy yours today and see what all the talk is about. Lure Lipstick is made with all natural ingredients including fish pheromones that drive the fish to strike, getting you hit on more! Try some today, you wont be disappointed.

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Cold Weather Fishing Season in Michigan

Do you love ice fishing? At Lure Lipstick we are getting ready for it. Our team is gearing up to make this the best season yet. Our Pro Staff has been working to put together their best lures. All that can then be infused with our all natural, pheromone based liquid or used with the original wax tube. This will help to make the fish strike and you to get better hit’s this season. Get your best ice fishing lures, add your own Lure Lipstick product, and give yourself an edge above the rest. You’ll be glad you did. If you dont have any Lure Lipstick of your own your missing out. We have two sizes available in liquid, a 8oz bottle and now a 4oz spray bottle, and the original Lure Lipstick wax tube. Add Lure Lipstick to your tackle box today!

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Pro Staff Terri Boyd


Here are some words from our Pro Staffer Terri Boyd. “Being a successful “Female” Tournament Angler requires the best from the rod ,reels, boards, lures and trolling accessories. Having the perfect pitch on my propeller and the right attractant on my lures sets me up to do well on the waters. Without all of my sponsors I could not be so successful. It’s such an Honor & Privilege to be with Team Lure Lipstick. I am always available to answer any questions or educate anyone about any fishing concerns they may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact me”. Terri continues to show why Lure Lipstick is the product to use this upcoming ice fishing season. If you haven’t picked yours up yet at a local bait shop or from our online shop, its time to give it a try and see what all the hype’s about! Best pheromone based lure enhancer. Get Bit

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Lure Lipstick Woods -N -Water Show

This past weekend we were busy doing our first show under the new management. Lure Lipstick represented itself well and we’d like to say the show was a great success! Were happy to be out there showing people our amazing product and how it can change the way they fish from here on out. With just a little Lure Lipstick applied to your lures your sure to drive the fish wild causing more strikes and catching you more fish. Our products are made with natural ingredients and will not harm the waterways or our environment. We proudly manufacture in the U.S.A. If you haven’t tried some out yet you should. Get Hit On more when you use Lure Lipstick soft bait enhancer or Lure Lipstick infused lures. Check out our online store before leaving this page.

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Lure Lipstick Fish Attractant

We welcome you to discover Lure Lipstick, a fish attractant that drives the fish wild and gets you Hit On more! Here is some information about our product and its benefits:

1. Natural Attraction & Increased Opportunity 

2. Based on a proprietary blend of fish pheromones, natural oils, amino acids and salts, Lure Lipstick represents the latest in fish attractant technology.  

3. Pheromones are chemicals secreted by a fish which are capable of influencing the social behavior of other fish. These powerful substances play a role in the communication of fear, food trail and reproductive drive.

4. The active ingredients in Lure Lipstick dissipate into the water surrounding the lure, creating an an exciting environment for nearby fish.  More activity mean more strikes.  Who doesn’t love to get hit on? 

5. Compatible with your favorite lure or artificial bait, Lure Lipstick will increase your opportunities and up your odds, if you are a weekend fisherman or an ultra-competitive pro.

If your looking to get Hit On more while on the waters, during any season, you need to try Lure Lipstick. Check out our online store at